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Following are a variety of resources for your review. The programs are divided into specific types or niches for your convenience. If you have a need that is not listed, let us know and we will see if we can find something in particular. Please note that we do not endorse any of these programs, but simply provide a listing resource for you. If you are looking for something specific, do not hesitate to send us a message. Anyway, off to the listings…

Adult Dating Sites

An excellent way to multiply the earning power of your traffic is to promote adult dating sites. Surfers are interested in meeting others with similar interests and dating sites have always done well. The biggest and best adult dating site is AdultFriendFinder.com. Our test of the site converted traffic at a rate of about 1 in 70.

Join Adult Friend Finder - largest Adult Personals with over 10 million registered members!

Billing Companies

If you intend to sell your own products or memberships, you will need either a third party billing company to handle the transactions or obtain your own merchant account and billing program. Most Webmasters use a third party billing source until they become really successful. Following are a number of processors that you can consider:


Content Suppliers

If you are looking for content, give us a call. We can help you find the content for your niche.


If you don't have time to build your own sites, you need to find designers that you can rely on. Following are a number of sources for you to consider using.


Affiliate Programs for Sites

There are numerous adult sites with affiliate programs. When trying to decide on a sponsor, you should look for a sponsor that provides you wish practically everything you could hope for to get your marketing up. Currently, we believe Nasty Dollars is a very good program. The program offers you free content and galleries that are automatically updated every day. The sites available for promotion are also quality: MILFHunter, CumFiesta, Mike's Apartment, Captain Stabbin, Tranny Surprise, Big Naturals and Boys First Time to mention a few.

Newbie Tutorials

If you are new to the business, it is our recommendation that you first pursue a variety of simply free sites to develop both your design skills and marketing methods. The cost of pursuing these sites is paltry when compared to creating a membership site. By perfecting your skills without spending a large sum of money, you can find out if the adult business is for you. If it is, you can then develop your own site and switch all of the sponsor ads on your free pages to your own membership site. This will give you an immediate source of traffic. So where do you learn to build small free sites? There are many different sources including the following:

Toy/Video Stores

Another great add-on to your site that generates money is a toy/video sales store. Most of these sites will generate template pages that you can put your site name on. In short, they seamlessly link into your site and give your viewers a chance to purchase toys and videos in privacy. You get a commission of 20% on up.

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