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Our Mission

The primary goal of AdultInternetLaw.com is to provide you with the legal advice you need. We want to make sure you are positioned to maximize the potential of your adult business while guarding against unnecessary risk. To accomplish this, you need to avoid many of the pitfalls that come with inexperience. We help you with this in a number of ways.

Initially, we want you to ask all of the questions you have about doing business in the adult industry. To facilitate this, we typically charge you a flat fee to handle your particular matter. This allows you to ask all the questions you have without worrying about running up your legal fees.

Second, you will be given the opportunity to network with our other clients. This opportunity is optional for all of our clients, but does present you with the opportunity to meet successful traffic drivers, content producers, affiliate sites, designers, accountants and more. Many of our clients have formed very profitable relationships through this service.

Finally, we want you to succeed in this amazing industry. We view our role as one in which we keep you out of trouble and create an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable discussing any issue. Many of our clients comment on the fact that we do not "act like lawyers." Don't be shy or worry about talking to us about your site or content ideas. We have seen it all. If we think you are crossing the line with some avenue of business, we will simply tell you because we do not want you to run afoul of the law. We will never judge you. If you are looking for a lawyer to "tsk, tsk" you, this is the wrong site.

Feel free to browse the site. We promise there are no pop-ups or annoying exit consoles! We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your adult business. Please also feel welcome to visit our sister site, XXXLAW.COM, where you will find tremendous resources and articles concerning the law of freedom of speech, obscenity, Section 2257, trademark, the law of publicity, and many other areas that will be important to you - a site that also explains both the inherent risks and opportunities in the Adult Online world.

Joe Obenberger
J.D. Obenberger and Associates

This website and the materials it contains are written to generally inform the public and none of them provide legal advice nor establish an attorney-client relationship. If you have a legal issue or question, contact a lawyer. If you are arrested, make no statement, consent to nothing, and contact a lawyer immediately. However, offer no resistance. Any offers contained herein to provide legal services are void where prohibited by law. AdultInternetLaw cannot represent clients generated through this website from states or countries where the material and information contained herein does not comply with local ethics rules. AdultInternetLaw has endeavored to comply with all known legal and ethical requirements in compiling this Web site. In the event that any material on or communication from this Web site does not conform with the laws or regulations of any state or country in which it may be received, AdultInternetLaw will not accept legal representation based on this material or communication from a person in such a state or country.

The links provided are only for the convenience of the general public in locating organizations supporting Free Speech, Liberty, and Privacy and to help members of the public at large in finding news and reference materials relating to free expression. Use of the names of groups or associations in connection with links or otherwise does not suggest any endorsement of this law firm or website, nor the association of any of them, with this law office or website, or ours of or with any of them, nor does the inclusion of these links suggest our approval with any and all positions taken or statements made by any organization or group. Online Internet Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Speech in Expression, and Freedom of the Press are the foundation of a free society: To support the right of free expression of unpopular and repressed content is to assure the security of a free society; To ignore the repression of unpopular and repressed messages and to fail to work for its protection assures the eventual destruction of a free society and the Liberty which nourishes and preserves it. We believe that Internet Free Speech is the forward edge of the battle area in preserving Liberty in American Society. As Benjamin Franklin noted during the generation of the Founders, those that would sacrifice essential Liberty for temporary security deserve neither Liberty nor security.

Copyright 2001-2003 J. D. Obenberger. All rights reserved under the laws of the United States and under all International Conventions and Treaties. ADULTINTERNETLAW, adultinternetlaw.com, XXXLAW, XXXLaw, xxxlaw, and XXXLAW.Net and each of them as incorporated into logos, designs, and devices appearing on this site are service marks of J. D. Obenberger and Associates. No copyright is claimed on the decisions of any court, statutes or administrative regulations, nor on any link or banner or incidental graphics associated with another site,  nor for the photographs appearing on this site, which are public domain images except as expressly credited herein. Various articles contained on this site first appeared for publication in YNOTnews, AVN Online Magazine, Klixxx Magazine, Chicago's Gentlemen's Pages, The Adult Chamber, Adultnetsurprise, and elsewhere. This site was entirely composed within the territorial limits of the United States of America.

This web site is owned and operated exclusively by J. D. Obenberger and Associates, a law firm located in Chicago, Ilinois, a sole proprietorship owned by J. D. Obenberger. This site was entirely composed within the territorial limits of the United States of America.

Personal Information provided by site email links to this firm will be used only in conformity with the provisions of the Illinois Code of Professional Responsibility, and not otherwise, to assure the privacy of correspondants. Information concerning professional fees will be provided upon request. Information provided by trackers may be used for statistical purposes. Every case depends on its own merits and the results reported on this site for any particular case do not and cannot predict the outcome of any other case. The members of this firm are available to speak by prior arrangement with this office at all gatherings focusing on Free Expression, Liberty, and Privacy.

God Bless the United States and its First Amendment.

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