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August 14, 2002
Interview with Chrystal Hanson of Atomic Creations Inc.
Re: ConMan Software.

AIL:Initially, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Can you tell our readers a bit about ConMan and how it and your company came about?

CH: Thank you Richard, it's my pleasure to chat with you and the Webmasters of AdultInternetLaw.com. For the record my name is Chrystal Hanson and I am one of the owners of a company called Atomic Creations Inc. We are best known for our content management software (ConMan), which was made for adult Webmasters who want to maximize their time and content. Initially ConMan was built as an in-house solution for automating our websites and their updates. We soon realized that there was no "ready to install" content management solution for the adult Webmaster, but there was a huge market and need for this type of software solution. Seeing the opportunities that content management would provide to other Webmasters, we ventured into the software business and released ConMan to the world on January 1, 2002.

AIL: When you decided to create the software, what problem facing Webmasters were you trying to solve?

CH:I believe the problems facing today's Webmasters are the same ones plaguing just about any small or large business owner. The bottom line is that "time is money", and as it's often said "there is not enough time in the day". Most Webmasters will work anywhere from 12 - 18 hours a day to create promotions, traffic, and update the content on their sites. Larger companies find their profit margins dwindling as the cost of productions soar to support a larger number of paysites and their continuous updates. ConMan solves the issues of both small and large companies alike, by providing adult Webmasters with the ability to build and update their websites with the click of a few buttons.

AIL: If I am a Webmaster driving traffic to my paysite with TGP and AVS sites, how will ConMan help me?

CH: The way our software works is that you will have one database where all your content lives, is classified, thumbnailed, and broken up into specified gallery sizes. ConMan stores multiple HTML templates to build and update full websites, galleries, AVS, and TGPs based on your specific content searches (i.e. blonds with green eyes). Now instead of spending hours building and updating your sites, you can have the job done in a few minutes. The bottom line is ConMan gives you more time to concentrate on your traffic generation and conversion ratios.

AIL: How many sites will the software handle at any one time?

CH: Right now we have two packages, a light and a pro version of the software. The light version is limited to managing three paysites whereas the pro version is unlimited in the number of sites that it can update. Now when I say unlimited I mean in license, you will of course be limited to what your hardware can support. However ConMan builds static pages, and what that means is that your members will not actually be accessing the database, so server load is very minimal.

AIL: Lets say I have one set of sites devoted to blondes and another devoted to brunettes. Will the software allow me to update each at the same time without getting the content mixed up between the sites?

CH: Yes! Absolutely, ConMan even goes a step further with enabling the Webmaster to search on a "with" and "without" logic. That means not only can you pull out and build a site with just all your blonde content, but you can also build sites and galleries such as "blondes", with "green eyes", and no "low resolution" pictures. Keep in mind the GIGO (garbage in garbage out) principle, if you do not classify your content with hair color, eye color, or resolution type, you will not ever be able to extract it from the database as such.

AIL: Okay. If I have one gallery on an AVS page, can I load four galleries into the database and have the software rotate them every two weeks? Will the software update both my gallery and thumbs?

CH: Yes, that is exactly what ConMan does! Sounds like your getting the hang of this content management idea . :)

AIL: Being a lawyer, practically any program drives me insane. I hate buying something and finding a CD and novel inside the box. How easy/difficult is it to get up to speed on ConMan?

CH: ConMan is quite easy to use for anyone who has ever built a website. It also has the flexibility for people with more technical skills to use it in ways we had not even thought of. Every one of our customers receives detailed training on how to use the software. We also pride ourselves in offering a high level of customer service, where as we can be contacted for extra help at any time. We have also started production on a Webmaster resource area, which includes a FAQ, user manual and discussion forum. This is a great place for our clients to exchange ideas and develop other advanced concepts in content management.

AIL: Does a Webmaster need to know anything about programming to use the software?

CH: No. But if you have a basic under standing of what a server side includes you can take full advantage of some of the advanced features. For clients who wish to learn more about using it as part of their HTML, we have often shown them a trick or two that opens another door of possibilities.

AIL: What phase of development are you in when it comes to the software? Anything hot off the programming table?

CH: Yes. An exciting development set for release at the Internext show (Aug 9-11, 2002) will be the ability for Webmasters who do not have a dedicated server, to use our services though a new friendship we have with Autson Hosting.

AIL: How much time will using ConMan save a Webmaster?

CH: Well here is an example; say you are a Webmaster with 8 pay sites, and you wish to update all your sites every day. Now lets also say that a complete update for a site takes approximately half an hour. That's four hours a day, 28 hours a week and two months a year that you could have spent driving more traffic to your sites, or perfecting your sales ratios and retention levels!

AIL: What future developments will we see with ConMan?

CH: Video, Audio, and Text support, as well as an advanced AVS/TGP build feature will be the next big items on our upcoming versions of ConMan. Between our constant brainstorming sessions, and our customer's great feedback, we will have many new bells and whistles to add for a long, long time to come.

AIL: Most Webmasters are hesitant to buy something they haven't seen actually work. Can Webmasters try the program out before purchasing it?

CH: Absolutely, we have an online example of ConMan's output at our site and a live demo account of the admin area, so anyone can see a working copy of our software and play around with the output.

AIL: Any plans for any other programs that will help keep Webmasters from going insane?

CH: Yes! But those projects are under wraps right now, so you will just have to take the time to interview me again when I pull another trick out of my bag.

AIL: Thanks!

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