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October 22, 2002  
New Visa Regulations Result In Hardship forWebmasters, Particularly Those Not Based In the UnitedStates

By Joe Obenberger, Esq.

As most Webmasters know, Visa USA has issued newregulations related to high-risk Internet accounts.The regulations have significantly impacted how thirdparty processors do business and how Webmasters workwith the processors. While US-based Webmasters arerequired to pay certain fees, non-US-based Webmastersare required to not only pay the same fees but alsohave a US presence. This US presence requirement hascaused uncertainty and confusion. Specifically, therehas been no definitive statement regarding how anon-US-based Webmaster satisfies this requirement.Visa views the regulations as proprietary informationand has refused to release the actual regulations toany party other than the merchant banks that handlethe accounts for the processors. For non-US-basedWebmasters with significant reoccurring charges, thefailure to comply with the regulations could result ina major revenue loss. Until the third party processorsactually undertake the registration process, theconfusion will remain.

Following are two articles discussing the issues andpotential solutions impacting non-US-based Webmasters. It should be noted that the issues do not apply toUS-based Webmasters.
New Visa Regulations: Problems for Webmasters Withouta Presence in the United States - Part I

New Visa Regulations: Problems for Webmasters Withouta Presence in the United States Part II
For those Webmasters still seeking to create a USpresence at this late date, we have arranged for thecreation of Nevada corporations with a taxidentification number and bank account. For moreinformation, please contact us atinfo@adultinternetlaw.com.



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Industry Interview

As mentioned above, Philip Brandes of AdultWebmasterSchool.com was kind enough to grant us an interview regarding his business. You can read the interview here to learn more about the school and their TGP efforts.

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