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Need an attorney that specializes in Adult Internet Law? Then contact our firm.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation with AdultInternetLaw.com is always free.

Site Review

Whether you have an established site or are ready to launch a new one, we will review your site with a critical eye towards compliance with legal regulations.


You've decided you want to pursue an adult business. Where do you start and how do you stay out of trouble with the authorities? We provide you with advice on avoiding basic adult business pitfalls as well as the guidelines and documents needed for complying with the relevant laws. Make sure to check out our Newbies Section for our exclusive Newbies Legal Packages.

Business Entity Selection and Formation

How can you protect yourself? How do you deal with an investor that does not want to be publicly linked to an adult business? We take your specific goals, create a strategy to accomplish it and implement it for you. Read articles on business formation strategies.


Once you become an active client of AdultInternetLaw.com, we will direct you to those of our clients who wish to network with others in the business. Intend to shoot content? Meet clients that may be interested in buying your content. Have a good niche site? Our traffic driving clients may be interested in talking to you. This is a free, optional service provided to all of our clients.

Model Releases

If you are shooting content, you must have an effective model release. We prepare model releases for you for a low, flat fee, and you can reuse the release as you wish. To learn more about releases, click here.


Selling your content to another party? Will they have an exclusive right to use it? Should you just license it to them, instead of giving up all the rights? Teaming up with another Webmaster on a project? Who will control the money? What if the project doesn't work out?

We provide written contracts to protect you in each of the above scenarios. We also provide contract negotiation services to our clients. We represent your interests and make sure you are protected in the transaction. Read articles on contracts.

Terms & Conditions

Our firm provides terms and condition agreements for both your member and affiliate programs. There are strict requirements that you must follow when putting these agreements together. We make sure you meet them.

Tax Strategies

Our firm works with a variety of professionals to provide you with strategies for reducing traffics. If you are making more than $150,000 in profit, we can show you how to severely cut or eliminate your taxes. We can also show you how to avoid taxes if you sell your business.

Intellectual Property

Have you protected your business from thieves? We provide copyright and trademark services as well as represent you against people that copy your site or content. Nothing is worse than seeing your exclusive content on another site. We put a stop to it.

Domain Name Rights

Contact us before you transfer or sell ownership of a domain name. Our firm makes sure you don't lose your shirt in the transaction. We also keep abreast of the latest "cybersquatting" legal developments. We can help stop people from infringing on your intellectual property rights.

Model Representation

Been approached about setting up a site promoting you as a model? We represent models to make sure that you only lose your shirt in the shoot, not the business.

Services Not Listed

Looking for a service that is not listed? Contact us and we will let you know if we handle such matters. If we do not offer the services, we will find you a specialist.

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