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Just like you, we waste a large part of our life meandering around the Internet in search of something we haven't seen before. In no particular order, following are a number of sites that we have found to be interesting, humorous, informative or just plain weird. Sometimes we like the site and sometimes we are just interested in what the site is offering. Some are adult and some have nothing to do with the industry. In short, it is an eclectic listing that might give you food for thought for your own sites.

Adult Oriented

SuicideGirls.com - A different approach to an adult site.
YNOTBob.com - A standup man in the adult industry. [Okay Bob, now give me the money.]
YNOTMasters.com - The ultimate adult industry resource, which frequently publishes AdultInternetLaw.com articles.
MyPorn.com - A great place to get your site(s) listed for free to build up traffic.


TheOnion.com - Hilarious news site
BachelorPartyConfidentialityAgreement - Enough Said
DarwinAwards.com - People dying in the stupidest, but funniest ways imaginable.
StevenWright.com - To know him is to love him…and wonder about yourself.
BerkeleyBreathed.com - The mad, mad, mad creator of Outland and Bloom County.
YouCrazy.com - Domain says enough.
ConsumptionJunction.com - Some of the sickest and weirdest things you've ever seen.


LookandFeel.com - The meanderings of "Luke and Phil"…get it?
156.com - Flash, flash and more flash…
Slashdot.org - The ultimate IT site…so overboard, it works.


BadMovies.org - B-movies for your soul
3in1Box.com - Fax, email and voice mail all in one for the small business.
SpeedSkating.org - People motoring around with sharp blades on their feet. A fetish?

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